Get major exposure for your token launch... on a tiny budget.

Our specialty is getting the word out about your TGE.

We have a variety of custom packages designed to help ensure you hit your visibility goals and create FOMO around your token.

We primarily work on a token allocation (with only a very small cash investment) so our goals are aligned with your goals. We make money when you make money.

Meet Selena & Heidi

Heidi is a 4x serial entrepreneur, who has sold 3 successful companies. Her most recent company, in the digital marketing space, had a 7-figure exit. She’s an advisor to Web3 companies and has served as the Chief Marketing Officer at, a company that onboards and brings user acquisition and retention to web3 gaming. Her newest venture is, a financial accounting platform for small businesses. Heidi has been featured in Forbes and numerous business podcasts.

Selena is the founder of Impacting Millions, which helps small businesses accelerate their growth through publicity, partnerships, and promotions. Since its inception over a decade ago, her company has generated 8 figures through strategic partnerships and digital marketing strategies. She’s taught over 4,000 entrepreneurs to land media coverage for their businesses in publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, and Fast Company. She’s the author of the forthcoming book Rich Relationships: Create a Million-Dollar Network for Your Small Business.

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